Developing a Faith Based Leadership Program: Unpacking your definition of leadership. Part 2

OK, so you’ve asked your leadership team to reflect on their definition of leader and leadership and you’ve started to see some patterns in statements. Some of those patterned clusters unfold like this:

Usually a cluster of statements about influencing and moving people forward.

Usually another cluster of statements about outcomes and “getting it done”.

Do you notice anything missing?

Christian worldview? In what way do these statements represent your organization’s Christian worldview and values? Put another way… if your definition could easily define Adolph Hitler, Idi Amin, Bernie Madoff or a corporate executive running for high political office in my country… you may want to rethink your definition. If your organization is a Faith Based agency, what sets your leadership model apart from the way any Fortune 500 executive leads? What makes you peculiar…. set apart for God’s good purposes in this world?

Followers? How about followers? Is there any mention of the followers (employees) of your organization? If they are mentioned, how are they viewed in the leadership relationship? As ones to be moved, motivated or coerced? Or as empowered participants in the leadership relationship?

Have your definition? Great…. Now test it out. Share that definition of leadership with your board, with your leadership team, with your employees… does it sound like the leadership that gets lived out within the agency? Discrepancies in this area means you’ve got some work to do to ensure that the definition of leadership you want to develop in others is the leadership that is being modeled within the organization now. Otherwise all efforts at developing new leaders will be thwarted by existing leaders valuing and modeling something completely different.

Next up: Developing or selecting your leadership content


About Dr. Beth A. Birmingham

Follower of Jesus, peculiar at times, but not always in the good biblical sense of the word, professor of leadership and international development, walking with people and organizations who end poverty, fight injustice and stand with the vulnerable... a rockin' good group of people!

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